BTP Trainees’ Summer 2017 Internships

Cameron Butova, NIH Trainee 2015-17
Graduate Program: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Lab: Scott C. Garman
Research Interests: Investigate the molecular basis of the inherited metabolic disease known as Fabry disease.

Internship Host: Enzyvant 

Cameron’s Summer’17 Internship presentation BTP_Intership2017_Butova

Kerianne Dobosz, UMass Fellow 2015-17
Graduate Program: Chemical Engineering
Lab: Jessica Schiffman
Research Interest: Create a new generation of UF membranes with higher flux and lower operating costs for tailored biofueling and selectivity.Internship

Host: GE

Kerianne’s Sumer’17 Internship Presentation BTP Internship2017 Dobosz

heather-sherman-original-copy_btpHeather Sherman, NIH Trainee 2016-18
Graduate Program: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Lab: Barbara Osborne and Lisa Minter Research Interests:  Spatiotemporal analyses of signaling cascades in activated CD8 T cells.Internship

Host: Pfizer    

Heather’s Summer’17 Internship Presentation BTP Internship2017 Sherman

Poonam Phalak, UMass Fellow 2016-18
Graduate Program: Chemical Engineering
Lab: Michael Henson
Research Interests: Biofilm Metabolic Modeling with Genome-scale Time and Spatial Resolution.

Host: Pacific Northwest National Lab    

Poonam’s Summer’17 Internship Presentation BTP Internship2017 Phalak