Kerianne Dobosz

Kerianne M Dobosz
Program: Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Jessica Schiffman
Education: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
B.S., Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) 2008-2012
M.Eng. Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 2012-2013
German Language Study Certificate


Dobosz, K.M., Kolewe, K.W., Rieger, K.A., Chang C., Emrick T., and Schiffman J. Antifouling Electrospun Nanofiber Mats Functionalized with Polymer Zwitterions.ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016 8 (41), 27585-27593.

Dobosz, K.M., Kolewe, K.W., and Schiffman, J.D., “Green Materials Science and Engineering Reduces Biofouling: Approaches for Medical and Membrane-based Technologies. ” Front Microbiol. 2015, 6:196.

Wen, Yu H., Lu, Y., Dobosz, K.M., Archer, L.A., “Structure, Ion Transport, and Rheology of Nanoparticle Salts”  Macromolecules 2014, 47 (13), pp 4479–4492.

Research Summary

Create a new generation of UF membranes with higher flux and lower operating costs for tailored biofouling and selectivity

During this past year, progress in my research included several milestones. I obtained candidacy by successfully passing my prospectus exam. In front of my dissertation committee, I discussed the research that I have already conducted and proposed my future research plans. This included my work with creating novel composite coatings of dopamine and zwitterions for electrospun nanofibers and characterizing protein fouling. Our results were accepted as the manuscript “Antifouling Electrospun Nanofiber Mats Functionalized with Polymer Zwitterions” in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Using electrospun nanofibers as a new top layer for ultrafiltration membranes, we investigated the effect of two distinct polymers. Our modification of a high porosity and random morphology layer did not change the size selectivity and increased flux and fouling resistance of the membranes. This work was presented as a poster at the Materials Research Society Fall 2015 Meeting in Boston and at the 2016 New England Graduate Student Water Symposium where I won the 1st place in the oral presentations. Our manuscript “Ultrafiltration Membranes Surface Modified with Electrospun Nanofibers Exhibit Enhanced Flux and Fouling Resistance” is currently under review. By submitting my paper, I was selected as a graduate finalist and will be competing at the Fiber Society Fall Meeting and Technical Conference in Ithaca, NY in October. My current efforts focus on the characterization of protein and bacteria fouling on electrospun nanofibers and membranes. Throughout this past year, I have had the wonderful opportunity to mentor undergraduate students. It has been wonderful to see them and their research flourish. I have continued to work with Christopher Kuo-Leblanc to develop a novel technique for polymerizing antifouling polymers on as conformal coatings on ultrafiltration membranes. Griffin Hurley is developing electrospun nanofibers with novel chemistries and Tushar Bahl has just started working on fabricating chemically robust hyaluronic acid nanofiber mats that do not require harsh cross-linking agents.