BTP Trainees’ Summer 2018 Internships


Francesca Ansonfrancesca-copyNIH Trainee 2016-18
Graduate Program: Chemistry
Lab: Jeanne Hardy and Sankaran Thayumanavan
Research Interests:  Characterize and expand the formulation of potent apoptosis inducing nanogels using combinations of enzymes and small molecule therapeutics for targeted delivery. Internship Host: MedImmune


Nathan Kuhlmann, NIH Trainee 2017-19
Graduate Program: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Lab: Peter Chien
Research Interests: Uncovering the structural details of adaptor hierarchy mediated protein degradation using the novel system that governs the cell cycle progression of Caulobacter Crescentus. Internship Host: C 4 Therapeutics


ning_btpNing-Hsuan Tseng, UMass Fellow 2016-18
Graduate Program: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Lab: Shelly Peyton
Research Interests: Drug-mediated evolutionary genomics in breast cancer. Internship Host: MedImmune