Program Outcomes


The BTP program is in its fourth year. Our most advanced students are just now nearing graduation and our first BTP student has just graduated. We have included data from BTP labs, which may be representative of the outcomes of BTP students. Please check back for updates concerning our BTP student outcomes.

Program Outcomes from BTP Labs through 2019

      • Average time to completion of degree is 5.2 years for all students and 5.3 years for students from under-represented groups.
      • 93.1% of all students from BTP labs are ultimately awarded a PhD. 83.3% of students from under-represented groups are ultimately awarded a PhD.
      • 96.1% of students graduating from BTP labs have at least one 1st author paper.
      • Average number of publications per graduated PhD student is 5.24 publications.
        • Highlights of publications from BTP students can be found here and here.
      • Percentage of graduated URM and student with disabilities in the BTP program. Currently 25% of NIH-funded BTP trainees are from underrepresented groups.
      • 98% of trainees from BTP labs have remained in research careers upon graduation. Kerianne Dobosz was the first BTP student to graduate (Jan 2019) and is now an employee of PPG Industries Inc.
      • Highlights: Monika Roy and Nathan Kuhlmann
  • Students from BTP labs post graduation placements include C4 Therapeutics, ScholarRock Therapeutics, Pacific Northwest, Fog Pharmaceuticals, Assistant Professors at Bay Path University, Bucknell University, Louisiana State University, and University of Virginia,
  • Updated statistics on fellowships and awards obtained by graduates and current trainees, including highlights of 1-2 awards.
    • Currently 40% of our current trainees have received awards relating to their research.  Awards include: American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Travel Award, Kuhn Fellowship Award, 1st place Oral Presentation Award, New England Graduate Student Water Symposium, and 2nd place award for the Graduate Student Paper Competition, Fiber Society Annual Meeting.
  • Industrial internships by year
    • List of industries that have partnered with the program
    • Statistics on students’ completed internships
    • One internship highlight
    • Career outcomes beyond the BTP program (symposiums, seminars, etc)

    headshots of 2019 BTP Interns: Margaux Audett from Molecular and Cellular Biology at Intellia, Khushboo Singh from Chemistry at Vertex, and Monika Roy from Environmental Health Sciences at Emulate