BTP Program Outcomes


The BTP program is in its ninth year; ten BTP students have graduated since our grant was initially funded in 2015 and is still continuing today. 36 students have been funded or are currently funded by this program.

Program Outcomes from BTP Labs through 2024

      • Average time to completion of degree is 5.3 years for all students 5.75 years for students from under-represented groups.
      • 95% of entering students obtained a PhD and 77% of URM students (10 of 13 total) completed a PhD. For the past training period 35% of our trainees are URMs and our retention of those students is 100%.
      • 35 students graduating from BTP labs have at least one 1st author paper.
      • Average number of publications per graduated PhD student is 4.3 publications
      • BTP helped to fund travel of 22 students last year and 88% of students attended a scientific conference in the past year and 78% presented their research (16% oral; 84% poster presentations).
      • 90% of students reported that the Frontiers in Biotechnology course was effective at identify/develop novel scientific questions
        • Highlights of publications from BTP students can be found here and here.
      • Percentage of graduated URM and student with disabilities in the BTP program. Currently 25% of NIH-funded BTP trainees are from underrepresented groups.
      • 100% of students are in careers relevant to training after graduation (13 Biotech; 1 Government; 3 Academic Post-docs)
  • Students from BTP labs post graduation placements include: Repertoire Immune Medicines, Colossal Biosciences Inc, Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP; Covation Biomaterials, Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine, PPG, Post-doctoral fellow at MIT, Alltrna, United Therapeutics Corporation, Post-doctoral fellow at UT-Austin, ZS Associates, Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Bristol Myers Squibb.
  • Currently 64% of our current trainees have received awards relating to their research.  Awards include: American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Travel Award, Kuhn Fellowship Award, New England Graduate Student Water Symposium, and Fiber Society Annual Meeting.


Below is a list of the internships our trainees have participated in
Emily DiepMerck2023
Emily LopesAutoIVF2023
Nathanael KuzioBiogen2023
Amber DeneveInari2023
Madeline TompachIonis Pharmaeuticals2023
Akaansha RampalLucerna technologies2023
Pintu KanjilalEli Lily2023
Rushabh ShahVertex2023
Jeerapat DoungchaweeRegeneron2023
Jessica McGoryMerck2023
Marjorie MarinIonis Pharmaeuticals2022
Mathew LebovichErnest Pharma2022
Danny McSweeenyEli Lily2022
Rebecca HuberBioNTech2022
Anh NguyenBristol Myers Squibb2021
Deborah SnyderMedtronic2021
Aritra KunduBristol Myers Squibb2020
Ning- Hsuan TsengMedImmune2020
Ann FernandezP&G2020
Margaux AudettIntellia2019
Monika RoyEmulate2019
Francesca AnsonMedImmune2018
Nathan KuhlmanC4 Therapeutics2018
Kerianna DoboszGeneral Electric2017
Cameron ButovaEnzyvant2017
Poonam PhalakPacific Northwest2017
Heather ShermanPfizer2017