Beatriz Martinez-Martin

Beatriz Martinez-Martin – NIH Trainee 2023-2025

Research progress: I am a joint student in the Pak and Sun lab working on generating the next generation of cerebral brain organoids. I am studying the impact of morphology and extracellular matrices on brain organoids by developing engineered devices. During these past two years I developed my cell culturing skills, established my thesis project, and completed two projects that have manuscripts in preparation. Currently I am working on the first aim of my thesis which is developing a device that allows me to manipulate the size and shape of the organoid to test cellular composition.  


Pavon, N., K. Diep, F. Yang, R. Sebastian, B. Martinez-Martin, R. Ranjan, Y. Sun, AND C Pak. “Patterning ganglionic eminences in developing human brain organoids using morphogen gradient inducing devices.” Cell Report Methods, Vol.4, 2024, pp.1-2