Current Trainees

Current NIH Trainees

Trish Brady, NIH Trainee 
Graduate Program: Chemistry
Lab: Jeanne Hardy & Richard Vachet
Research: Investigating the behavior and tertiary/quaternary structure of caspase-9 conformers using ion mobility coupled with mass spectrometry (IM-MS).

Jay English, NIH Trainee
Graduate Program: MCB
Lab: ChangHui Pak
Research: Synaptopathic mechanisms of autism spectrum disorders including mis regulated alternative splicing and its effects on synaptic function in this disorder background.

Adam Fish, NIH Trainee
Graduate Program: Chemical Engineering
Lab: Ashish Kulkarni
Research: Developing physiologically relevant in vitro disease models to screen novel nanotherapeutics for inflammatory diseases.


Kaito Hioki, NIH Trainee
Graduate Program: MCB
Lab: Leonid Pobezinsky
Research: Characterizing immune cells involved in the transfer of cellular material from tumor cells and investigating the mechanisms or functional impact of the phenomenon.

Pamelia Lim
Graduate Program: MCB
Lab: Alissa Rothchild
Research: Alveolar macrophage response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the early stages of infection.


Beatriz Martinez-Martin
Graduate Program: MCB
Lab: ChangHui Pak & Yubing Sun
Research: Molecular mechanisms by which engineered extracellular matrices impact cell fate in the development of cerebral brain organoids & neurodevelopment & engineer tools to help organoids develop at a more representative level.

Minelise Rivera De Jesus
Graduate Program: Chemistry
Lab: Sankaran Thayumanavan
Research: Development of polymeric delivery systems, drug delivery