Biotechnology Training Program Curriculum

Year 1 Year 2
BIOSTATS 540: Introduction to Biostatistics OR any other course satisfying NIH quantitative training requirement (3 cr) X
Chem 797T: Frontiers of Biotechnology (3 cr) (offered every other (odd) year  X  or  X
Biotechnology Seminar Series (1 cr) X
Elective Course (3 cr) X
Biotechnology Journal Club (1 cr) X
Responsible Conduct of Research (1 cr)   X              
Laboratory Modules (4 cr total; 1 cr each) 
(new Lab Modules starting soon)
X X  X X X X
Industrial Internship X  0r X

Biotechnology Training Program Elective Courses

Life Sciences Electives Engineering/Quantitative Electives
AnimlSci 672: Molecular Medicine ChemEng 590B: Tissue Engineering
AnimlSci 697J: Cell, Genes, and Development ChemEng 592B: Intro to Biochemical Engineering
AnimlSci 697K: Adv. Immunology ChemEng 597D: Nanostructured Biomaterials
Biochem 623: Adv. General Biochemisty Microbio 697G: Genomics and Bioinformatics
Biology 891PB: Topics in Plant Biology Research Physics 553: Optics
Chem 627: Biomolecular Structure Physics 590K: Biological Physics
Chem 791L: Bioanalytical Chemistry Polymer 501: Intro to Polymer Science Engineering
Microbio 680: Adv. Microbial Physiology Polymer 607: Intro to Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
MolclBio 641: Adv. Cellular Biology Polymer 797C: Colloidal & Interfacial Phenomena
MolclBio 642: Adv. Molecular Biology Polymer 797TL: Polymer Translocation
MolclBio 690G: Adv. Concepts of Genetic Analysis Statistic 501: Methods of Applied Statistics
MolclBio 690G: Adv. Concepts of Genetic Analysis
Additional Courses
(With Operations Committee Approval)
SCH-MGMT 597N Special Topics – New Ventures